Scientific research and Nature
for your well-being

The heart of italian herbalist tradition and research
Angelica is the name of an ancient Villalocated
in the Italian countryside whereas traditional herbal experience
combined with the most advanced scientific research
gives rise to a valuable natural product line.

More than 38 years
                of research

L'Angelica Herbal Institute was established in 1981 in Villa Angelica, anineteenth-century villa deep in the countrysidenear Bologna. The harmony ofthis place and its natural surroundings became the philosophy at the core ofthe business and are constantly reflected in its products. In the botanical garden of the Villa are produced experimentally, with biological methods, more than 50 species of plantsfor cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical use.

The Insitute is the place where the ancient and complex science of medicinal plants meets with innovation and scientific research: according to the principles of nutraceuticals, everything that is needed for our well-being is contained in nature, thanks to the active ingredients of which it is rich.

L'Angelica studies,formulates and produces natural nutraceuticalproductswhich, along wfth a regular diet, offer a remedyforeveryday health problemsand help to prevent the mostprominentillness. Researchers at the Institute select and mix the right quantities andtypes ofnutraceutical agents present in nature thus ensuringthemaximum effectiveness of their products.

L’Angelicaphilosophy and uniqueness

Made in Italy represents a unique value, a guarantee of quality. That's the reason why most of our products are designed, studied, developed, produced and packaged on the Italian territory.


Nature is our best partner, the core value of the brand. Our products are inspired by herbal science traditional remedies. Researchers at the Istituto Erboristico L’Angelica select and mix only the best herbs and flowers for your well-being. No aroma and added extract, only the best natural ingredients.


In many of our products we use extracts and active ingredients from certified organic farming that passed stringent requirements and high standards


We formulate and package our products using only raw materials processed so as not to alter their original properties and suitable for vegan diets.


Our formulas are studied with special attention to coeliacs and people intolerant to gluten.


None of our products are tested on animals: we promote the search for methods that do not include the use of animals in tests


Angelica is committed to projects with social and humanitarian value to ensure a healthy and long lasting life and full of possibilities for everyone


The cardboard used for packaging is forest-stewardship certified and is considerate of mankind and nature. 80% of our production is powered by renewable energy


L'Angelica guarantees the quality and control of the entire production process as we produce within our group 100% of our products both Health Food and Cosmetics.


Nature inspires us every day, so it is important to preserve it. We prefer glass or recycled cardboard for our packages.